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In Article 89 of the Turkish Commercial Code, an arrangement has been made for two persons to collectively request their receivables arising from any legal reason or relationship, rather than separately. The relevant regulation is called the “Current/Checking Account Agreement”. According to the definition in this article; With the current account contract, the parties get...
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Renunciation of the inheritance, according to Article 528 of the Civil Code, is the renunciation of an inheritor’s legal inheritance voluntarily and intentionaly, with a contract with the legator (testator). The heir who renunciate now loses his title of heir! The contract of waiver of inheritance (Renunciation of the inheritance) is not a death-related disposition...
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Expropriation, which is literally “socialization”, is the state’s purchase of an immovable property belonging to a person for the purpose of using it in public service. While the places deemed necessary by the competent administration to be used for public benefit are expropriated, it is not possible for the competent administration to expropriate with unlimited...
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