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statute of limitations
Before or during an enforcement proceeding, the lawsuit that must be filed in accordance with Article 72 of the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law in order to determine whether the debtor is indebted to the creditor is the “negative declaratory action“. In this case, which has a negative determination as to whether there is a claim...
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The parties want to stipulate the establishment of the main contract with the preliminary contract for real estate sale, which is a preliminary contract and gives the right to demand the conclusion of the contract of sale of the immovable. In other words, it is a commitment to make an immovable sale contract, which must...
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The broker, which is one of the independent merchant assistants, is divided into buying-selling brokerage, transportation brokerage and customs brokerage according to the law they are regulated. Purchasing and selling brokerage according to article 532 of the Turkish Code of Obligations: ” The contract in which the broker undertakes the purchase or sale of valuable...
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