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labor law article 17
In Article 24 of our Labor Law No. 4857, it is regulated that the employee terminates the employment contract in the presence of justified reasons, regardless of whether it is for a definite or indefinite period. In this article, in line with the relevant article, we will talk about the termination of the employment contract...
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The principle of equality, which is also protected at the constitutional level, imposes an obligation on the employer not to act differently among its employees unless there is a just and objective reason in terms of Labor Law. The principle of equality is regulated in the law to be applied in the establishment, continuation and...
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Employer-employee relations are at the forefront in the field of “labor law”, which is one of the branches of law that we are perhaps most unconsciously involved in in our daily lives. In our country, the rights of workers are mostly protected in the Labor Law; In this context, labor lawsuits are also arranged according...
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